The Laughing Flapper

A vintage girl stuck in the 21st Century


The Laughing Flapper is written by a wacky redhead named Angie who enjoys sharing her voice with the world, even when the world really doesn’t want to hear it.  She is an activist and vintage freak who wishes she could get a time machine to take her back to the 1920s and is awfully disappointed that this wish is never granted.   So until she finds one of those machines, she’s satisfied to do research and collect clothing, books, movies, furniture, and other things from the era.

Don’t think Angie’s only interested in the 1920s…oh, no.  She is extremely interested in current events, human rights, animal rights, and pretty much any subject you throw at her.  She strives to learn at least one new thing a day.

So what is The Laughing Flapper?  It’s a place where Angie can express her thoughts on any given subject.  If you are expecting to find a blog that talks about one topic and one topic only, you’re out of luck here.  But if you like variety, you’ll be sure to find at least one or two things that will interest you here.

Based in the good ol’ Midwest, Angie has kept various blogs (some in a niche and some personal) since 2005, and strives to create content that readers from all over will enjoy.  She has a somewhat informal style and will do her best to entertain and amuse you.  Please let her know if she is accomplishing that!


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