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Your safety and privacy is important to The Laughing Flapper.  Your e-mail is never shared with third parties, and for your own protection, please do not share this information publicly.

Language and Manners

All comments on The Laughing Flapper are reviewed before they are published.  Comments that attack other users or use extreme profanity will be removed.  Posting abusive comments may result in being banned from posting future comments on this blog.


Spam in the comment section of this blog are immediately removed.  There is a spam filter in place, and anything Akismet does not catch, Angie will remove on her own.  What constitutes spam?  Posting links that are irrelevant to the topic at hand, scams, any type of sales pitches, and anything that Angie feels will not benefit the readers.

All Rights Reserved

Angie reserves the right to all content posted on this blog.  Once you post a comment here, please be aware that Angie has the right to edit and delete any comments at any time without warning.

Hold Harmless

All comments posted here are the responsibility of the commenter, not the editor, contributor, or author of The Laughing Flapper.  By submitting a comment to this blog, you agree that the comment is your own, and hold The Laughing Flapper harmless from all liability and damages.


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