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I Would Like to Be the Center Of the Universe

English: Cyclic progressions of the universe

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I know that it seems incredibly conceited, but I really would like to be the center of the universe.  I think we all do, really…don’t we?  Honestly, wouldn’t you love it if the entire world revolved around you and everything that happened, big or small, was done to please you?

If I can’t be the center of the universe all the time, I’d settle for playing God for just one day.  He is probably long overdue for an off day anyway, don’t you think?  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if Angie Almighty took over all his duties for 24 hours.  I could use the opportunity to promote all the things I really care about, such as ending poverty, hunger, and corporate greed.  I’d smite overpaid executives and corrupt politicians and bring peace to all nations.  The planet Earth would be a grand utopia.

Once I have Earth taken care of, I would explore the rest of the universe and answer the age-old question, “Is there life on other planets?” and if I didn’t find any, I’d create some.  All my little green men and women would be peace-loving Socialists who want to help everyone and everything on planet Earth achieve the harmony they enjoy.

*sigh* That’s such a nice thought to have but, alas, I don’t think I’ll ever be the center of the universe or get the chance to play God for one day.

How would you react if you suddenly found out you were the center of the universe and could  control all the good and bad that goes on here?


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